ORGANIZE aims to end the shortage of organ donors by advocating for policy improvement and applying innovative technologies to optimize the registration system.  They work tirelessly to reform and improve the complex—and at times inefficient—organ procurement process.  If you don’t already know why organ donation is a cause so near and dear to my heart, you can read about my father’s life saving experience here.

There are 52 disparate state registries that weren’t built interoperatively, meaning some people who are in need of transplants may not be aware of viable donors in other states.  There are also very few public registration portals for organ donation.  In fact, 95% of registrations occur at the DMV.  Some of ORGANIZE’s objectives are to streamline the current registration system and utilize social media, e-comm, and other platforms (like Yoganna Love This!) to launch strategic advocacy campaigns to generate more discussion about organ donation.

Give with your heart, not your wallet.  95% of Americans support organ donation, but only 40% are registered.  Please consider becoming an organ donor by registering through ORGANIZE’s official registration system.  Even if you’re one of the folks who registered at the DMV, the organ donor symbol on your license isn’t all you have to do to declare your status.  It’s important to share your wishes with family, friends, or even posting #DonateMyParts on one of your social media platforms.


Thanks for the heart-to-heart.


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