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Box Party in the Bahamas

*NEW* APRIL 2020: Welcome to the ultimate weekend of fitness and fun in The Bahamas! Far from your typical vacation, this retreat will balance energizing boxing workouts with exciting local activities and (optional) nightlife so that you go home feeling better than when you left. At downtown Nassau’s only beachfront resort, you will find total relaxation during plentiful free time to recharge. Optional Yoga for Boxers beachside workshops are also included for participants interested in cross-training.



Power Yoga + Adventure Retreat: PORTUGAL

Join the inaugural Ketanga Fitness Retreat to Portugal! This action-packed adventure is not your average yoga retreat. From dining at family-run restaurants to hiking to the westernmost tip of Europe to high-energy yoga sculpting classes overlooking colorful palaces, a truly unique and authentic experience awaits!

My teaching style caters to a wide range of people from beginners who are new to yoga, to advanced yogis who practice handstands daily, and even to people who think they hate yoga because they “just don’t feel like it’s a workout.” On this retreat, I will lead a variety of classes that balance higher intensity/power yoga with restorative and stretching classes based around our itinerary and other activities each day.

Yoga Sculpt classes will include fast-paced Vinyasa flows with HIIT/cardio intervals, high repetitions of poses using resistance bands, and isometric holds to build muscular endurance. Restorative classes will focus on alignment, technique and relaxation to revitalize the mind and body.

Working out is only half the fun on this Portugal adventure. Each day we will experience something unique and exciting ranging from hiking along the coast in Sintra, biking to a private beach in Cascais, visiting ancient palaces, and horseback riding through the countryside.

In between our activities and yoga classes will be plenty of free time to relax or explore on your own! Our hotel is in the middle of Estoril with many restaurants, cafes and shopping nearby. Plus, we’ll be across the street from a local park. And if you prefer to stay in and relax, our hotel has a gorgeous spa with a la carte services and complimentary use of the dynamic swimming pool, hammam, Jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath and gym.

Check out the Ketanga Fitness Retreats’ website for details about what’s included in the itinerary.  EARLY BIRD PRICING ENDS FEBRUARY 1, so reserve your spot today!



Run + Flow Yoga Retreat in Barbados*

*UPDATE: This trip is on-hold in 2018 in light of another exciting opportunity in the works…stay tuned for the big news in 2019!
Bridgetown, Barbados

Buckle up, baby…we’re back in ‘Bados!  Ketanga Fitness and I are teaming up in Barbados to bring you the “Run + Flow Yoga Retreat.”  This time, we are honored to join the annual RUN BARBADOS FESTIVAL, where runners and spectators can enjoy special events and entertainment leading up to the island-wide marathon. Our guests are invited to join the national 5K walk/run or 10K run alongside active enthusiasts from around the world!  Of course, I’ll be leading daily yoga practices, varying from a cardiyoga/HIIT hybrid to restorative, stretching classes depending upon each day’s itinerary.  Additionally, guests can work their way up to the walk/run with an option to go for guided hikes and trail runs led by my personal favorite fitness guru in the Caribbean, George Griffith.

Fitness is only half of our adventure. We’ll explore the scenic, less touristy side of the island on our hike or optional trail run, sail on a catamaran to watch the sunset, snorkel with sea turtles over shipwrecks, and visit the famous Oistin’s Fish Fry to kick it like a Bajan with dancing, shopping, and dining on the freshest local grub.  Plus, our resort is on the beach, so we’ll leave ample downtime for R&R.

What sets Ketanga Fitness apart from any retreat company I’ve come across is the authenticity of the experience.  The planning, research, and relationships developed with locals leading up to the trip guarantee the experience is completely one-of-a-kind and exhilarating, while ensuring safety and security first.  In addition to immersion in local culture, my involvement with Ketanga Fitness has been special because the retreats offer all-levels classes that attract a diverse group of fitness-minded people, not just yogis.  Whether you’re joining us because you want to test your physical limits at each workout, explore a vibrant island rich in history, art, and nightlife, drink fruity cocktails with your toes dipped in dazzling turquoise waters, or get your spiritual awakening on with a little mountain-side meditation, Run + Flow will scratch your travel itch.

Click this link for more details.



Free Class! Yoga for Runners
Tue, 24 July 2018
6:30 PM – 7:30 PM EDT
Sudbury, MA

Yoga for Runners is a FREE 60-minute Vinyasa flow targeting mobility/stability of the hips, quads, and hamstrings. This invigorating class brings heat and energy to stiff joints with a focus on releasing tightness in the lower body. You will leave class with comfortably stretched muscles that feel stronger and longer. Whether you’re a seasoned marathon runner or simply need to wake up your legs after sitting at a desk 40 hours a week, your body will benefit from this heart-pumping, hip-opening flow. Yoga for Runners is appropriate for all-levels; beginners to advanced yogis are welcome. Free food and beverages will be served, so feel free to stay and mingle after class!



Telluride Yoga Festival
July 19-22, 2018
Telluride, CO

Experience an unforgettable weekend of connection and inspiration at the 11th annual Telluride Yoga Festival nestled in downtown Telluride, this July 19-22, 2018. Join me and Gina Caputo, Amy Ippoliti, Sianna Sherman, Saul David Raye, Tymi Howard, Eric Paskel, Beryl Bender Birch, Tommy Rosen, Leah Cullis, Yogrishi Vishvketu, and Desiree Rumbaugh, Sally Kempton many more!

See you there!
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