About YLT

Yoganna Love This: The overthought chronicles of a web-toed yogi in constant pursuit of a silver lining.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope to use Yoganna Love This as more than a means to plug my own humble ramblings. I would like my website to become a platform to leverage worthy causes and organizations that my readers might be interested in supporting.  As a TKYM500 certified yoga instructor, I aspire to make the philosophy and practice of yoga accessible, affordable, and affable to people of all walks of life, regardless of socioeconomic status or physical condition.

I volunteer with Hands To Heart Center, which is a nonprofit organization that shares the healing practice of yoga with people affected by addiction, poverty, and trauma in Boston.  We partner with high-poverty school systems and non-profits that serve vulnerable populations to deliver free, community-based classes that promote resiliency in under-served neighborhoods.  I also teach CardiYoga (a heart-pumping, hybrid style of yoga that incorporates HIIT and functional strength-training circuits using bodyweight, resistance bands, and weights) at a chain of fitness centers in the Boston area.

If you are interested in private or group yoga instruction, especially if you would like to organize a community program or an event to benefit a charitable cause, I would love to hear from you.  Additionally, feel free to reach out about philanthropic organizations you believe align with my mission so that we can join forces.  After all, ‘yoga’ is a Sanskrit word that stems from the same root as the latin ‘yoke’ – to join together.  Contact me here; I promise I don’t bite. (Except for the time my sister tried to give me a hug after an argument…but in my defense, I was three years old and she was cruisin’ for a bruisin’.)

If you clicked on this page to learn a little about me, my name is Kayla Mantegazza and I’m an endorphin junkie with a laugh like Gilbert Gottfried.  I work full-time for Boston Children’s Hospital in Physician Relations. I’m an active member of the National Wellness Institute, the Project Management Institute (I earned my PMP in January 2019), the National Business Group on Health, and the Obesity Action Coalition.  When I’m not researching the latest in the healthcare and fitness industry, you’ll find me listening to gangsta rap, referring to myself as “Kayler”, snacking, and complaining that I snacked too much.

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