45-Minute Yoga Sequence for Core Strength

Yoga gives me a sense of community. In support of communities coming together (figuratively) to stay home, I hope to bring you that feeling virtually. If you’re feeling restless, anxious, lonely, lazy, or you just need a brief respite from the news, I created a free 45-minute yoga/HIIT class for core strength you can stream any time. No subscription/membership/login required, no equipment necessary, no jumping exercises (AKA no pissing off your downstairs neighbors), no money to pay, and no expiration date…so no excuses! I apologize that the video isn’t professional quality, but I had…no budget!

In the spirit of community, feel free to share this with anyone who may be interested. If you have requests for additional yoga classes or tutorials, I’d love to hear from you. And lastly— if you are able to support your local yoga/fitness studios who are offering paid streaming services, please do!

NamastAY THE F*CK HOME, everyone!



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