55-Minute CardiYoga Sequence: Balance Challenge

The global pandemic is a topic we’re likely all sick of reading about, but paradoxically can’t stop talking about.  Given that we’ve collectively pressed pause on our lives and cast aside nearly every aspect of our daily routines, its impact is unavoidably in the forefront of most of our minds.  Navigating a “new normal” without the familiarity and comfort of distractions we once took for granted can feel isolating or anxiety inducing at times.  To make matters worse, many of us put pressure on ourselves to turn this strange time into a spring board for some extraordinary breakthrough.  We make grand plans to write a screenplay, learn Italian, find the lids to our Tupperware containers, match our unpaired socks, and get rock hard abs without ever leaving our living rooms.  It’s not enough that we’re worried about our uncertain futures; we’re also worried that if we don’t optimize our productivity now, we’ll have failed ourselves or missed an opportunity to achieve something spectacular.

In the fitness industry specifically, the influx of on-demand virtual workouts introduced at the onset of social distancing has been as fantastic as it’s been overwhelming.  On one hand, it’s remarkable to see how quickly and innovatively fitness communities have adapted to provide their clients with seamless access to classes.  On the other hand, I recognize that the onslaught of advertisements for various workout plans, the ease of entry to participate, and the sheer volume of content that’s available can inadvertently trigger people into thinking they “should” be using their free time to exercise more.  If the idea of working out at home feels stressful given these scary and uncertain circumstances, consider taking an opportunity to embrace stillness instead.  Rather than pushing yourself to do more, reframe your mindset to acknowledge good things you’ve already done.  Explore the thoughts that arise in the absence of productivity to see if there’s any insight to be gained from your discomfort.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling stir crazy and actively seeking opportunities to fill your time and find a safe space to virtually connect with the fitness community, then yoganna love this.



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